We Need Your Help

We are continuing our work to develop opportunities for people in and around the City of Plattsburgh to grow together and we need your help.

  • Tell your friends about us. These are not Secret Gardens. The more people that know about our projects, the better we'll do to build momentum and create more gardens. This is as simple as saying, "I heard they're building more community gardens in Plattsburgh." Tell them about this web site and give them the address: PlattsburghCommunityGarden.org
  • Write to us with suggestions. We'll give genuine consideration to any suggestions you have.
  • Consider a donation of time, funds, or materials. We welcome any contribution you can make.
  • If you are interested in supporting the Plattsburgh Community Garden Group in any way, or just have questions or comments,

e-mail us at: jdowns.pr@gmail.com or lynn.devan.myers@gmail.com