HELP US: We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help us renovate our water system. Please donate to help.

In addition, please consider a donation to the Plattsburgh Community Garden Group, Inc. We need a number of items that won't be covered by the very low plot fees. The list below show our needs:

1) Straw for mulch

2) compost for soil amendment

3) garden tools (wheel barrels, shovels, hoes, hose, etc)

4) garden stakes and twine (to outline each plot)

5) "Gardenership" to pay plot fee for those who can't afford it

6) seeds and seedlings for those that can't afford them

7) We may need construction services as we expand to new garden locations.

If you wish to donate labor or make a donation of one of the items needed above, please contact Jack Downs

Any community organizations / Churches / youth groups looking for volunteer opportunities should contact Doug, he would be happy to put you to work!

No amount is too small.