Apply for a Garden Plot

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Form and payment must be mailed to arrive before Saturday, April 21, 2018. We suggest they are mailed by April 14. Alternatively, bring form and payment to the annual kickoff meeting, 10 a.m., Saturday, April 21, at the Plattsburgh Public Library. City Residents submitting form and payment are drawn first for plots in the City of Plattsburgh. Plattsburgh Housing Authority residents are drawn first for the PHA Garden. Existing gardeners submitting form and payment by April 21 will keep same plot, if desired.


1)    Print, complete and submit Plot-Holder Agreement. Follow instructions on form. If you are unable to print, email and I'll arrange to get you printed copies.

2)    Mail Payment and form to -- Plattsburgh Community Garden Group, C/O Jack Downs, 96A Oak St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (We no longer have PayPal option)

3)    Or Bring Payment to April 21 Kickoff Event -- You can pick up a form there, too.


All Plots will be assigned using a lottery system where city residents are drawn first for gardens on City of Plattsburgh property. Plattsburgh Housing Authority residents are drawn first for the PHA Garden.  Existing Garden Plot Holders who sign-up and pay for plots by April 21, 2018, will have priority and can keep existing plots (one plot per gardener, unless extra plots available). Each plot will be numbered.  Names will be drawn and assigned in numerical ascending order. In the event we have more applications than plots, only those names drawn from the hat will be assigned to a plot. Lottery Drawing takes place  10 a.m., Saturday, April 21, 2018, at our annual Spring Garden Kick-Off.


Garden Plot Sizes are as follows:

Melissa Penfield Park Community Garden:  $25 for 4' x 25' (100 sq ft) plot.

Plattsburgh Housing Authority Garden: $25 for 4' x 12' raised bed garden plot or 3' x 8' elevated garden plot. No Fee for PHA residents.

Multiple plots may be available to those interested.

Plot sharing is encouraged for those not able or interested in maintaining a plot alone.

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