2018 season is underway

Our 2018 Spring Kickoff Meeting and Plot Lottery is over. The Penfield garden is full. We have a couple plots available at PHA.

For info on applying, visit our Apply for a Garden Plot page or simply download a Plot Application and follow the instructions.

Have questions, problems? Here is a list of garden board members and contact info.

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Our New Plattsburgh Housing Authority (PHA) Community Garden is growing strong. Thank you to all of our volunteers and friends that have made it possible. I'll be posting a site overview with information on the garden soon, but for now enjoy this picture.

Growing in Plattsburgh at our Penfield Park Community Garden

This image is from May 18, 2013.

This image was taken on June 18. Note the minimal growth of our gardens in that time. We'll see significant growth as soon as we get a bit of heat!

Wow! What a difference 40 days makes. This picture from July 28th shows the garden near peak in size. Lots of green tomatoes and many, many items ready to pick.

Garden Notes

  • Teaching Garden Curriculum and Beginners Growing Guides Available:  The Teaching Garden Curriculum was created as part of the "Establishing Organic Teaching Gardens Project" funded by the Towards Sustainability Foundation. Developed by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Clinton County, NY and coordinated by Anne Lenox Barlow, Horticulture Educator,  Assisted by Alexander Scharf, Intern in 2010.

Community Gardening in Plattsburgh since 2009 - offering 60+ plots, skill training, organic soil amendments, community garden tools and lots of fun to community members.  Please support our continuing efforts to expand.

Most plots are 100 Square feet in "raised beds" 4' wide x 25' long.  Plot usage fee is $25 for the season.  Fee is paid for use of land, access to water, tools and an adequate supply of organic soil amendement. 

The toad and beneficial insect watering spot at the Penfield Park Community Garden.  Looking nice!

Penfield Park Community Garden
 Come Join Us!

Can't wait to see things growing GREAT!!! - Penfield Garden

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