Plattsburgh Community Garden Announces Inaugural Meeting - Feb 2nd, 2009

Post date: Dec 30, 2008 3:15:31 AM

A newly forming community organization, the Plattsburgh Community Garden Group, announces its inaugural meeting being held on Feb 2nd, 2009 (Groundhog Day) at 6:00 PM in the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Plattsburgh, 4 Palmer St. Plattsburhg, NY 12901.

The Plattsburgh Community Garden Group exists to create an allotment style community garden/s that will build community, provide an enjoyable and safe place to grow crops, gather as friends, and learn the techniques of successful gardening. In its first year, the Plattsbugh Community Garden Group will work to establish an allotment style garden in the city limits, provide each gardner with access to water, community tools, and some assistance with soil preparation and garden planning in exchange for a modest fee.

Even the smallest garden plot can provide a family with an ample supply of vegetables; lowering family food costs, providing healthier and tastier meals and, reducing the carbon emissions needed transport food to the table. The vision of the committee is to create a community garden where all residents can participate and grow vegetables and flowers, regardless of income.

The group is being formed by Doug Butdorf, secretary of the Green Committee and a Plattsburgh resident who has gardened in pots and plots all his life (contact information below).

Where are we and what's next?

Through connections in the community and at meetings of the Plattsburgh Green Committee, I've met and spoken with a number of community members that are interested in forming a community garden in Plattsburgh (more info on WHY). To get there, we need to gather a core group of individuals that will operate as the coordinating body. There are a number of models under which a community garden project can successfully be implemented, and we'll be sure to follow along in the steps of other communities to make the process as easy and quick as possible for us.

First, we need to formalize the creation of a group of people willing to coordinate the creation of a garden and work with the city and community members to ensure it is well maintained and available as a community resource for years to come. (You can read early drafts of documents to establish a group here. These documents WILL CHANGE)

Second, we need to find land that we can use for a garden, write a lease to the land owner, figure out how to get water for the gardens and lay-out a plot plan. Many community gardens say that plots of 20' x 20' are idea for most gardeners, but we'll have to figure that out when we find our land.

Third, we'll need to establish rules by which the gardens are operated, will it be organic? Can gardeners use chemical fertilizers (Mircle Grow, etc)? Will we be able to compost on site? Will it be a no-till garden? Can gardeners rent the same plot year after year. How much will a plot cost and can we provide a "scholarship" or assistance to anyone that can't afford one? (many of these are outlined in an early version of documents that WILL CHANGE see them here, if you wish)

Are you a city resident with too limited a garden space to grow even a few tomato plants? Did you grow up in a rural area with a garden? Do long to grow some of your own vegetables? Are you from a different country and want to grow some of the vegetables you grew up with? Maybe you are simply interested in putting your hands on some dirt and trying your luck with a few green bean plants. Whatever your story, please attend the inaugural meeting to help plan for the Plattsburgh Community Garden.

For more information, please contact Doug Butdorf at 518-314-1390 / or visit